National Parks in Utah

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National Parks in Utah

Utah’s National Parks: Five Scenic Wonders

Utah is home to five of the most beautiful and interesting national parks in America. All five parks are located in the southern part of the state, so it is possible to plan one trip that includes a visit to each. But these scenic wonders, filled with breathtaking red-rock formations and gorgeous canyons, are each so unique that it truly takes a lifetime to know them well.

Arches National Park, located in southeast Utah on U.S. 191, is five miles northwest of Moab. This park encompasses 76,519 acres and is home to America’s largest collection of natural stone arches, spires, windows, pinnacles and balanced rocks. Two of the most remarkable arches are Landscape Arch, the largest arch in the world spanning 291 feet; and Delicate Arch, which sits on the rim of a massive sandstone bowl.

Canyonlands National Park lies in east-central Utah and is the state’s largest national park. Comprising 337,598 acres, Canyonlands is divided into four distinct districts by the spectacular merging of the Green and Colorado Rivers. This park is a geological wonderland of sandstone, mesas, rock spires, and long, narrow canyons.

Capitol Reef National Park is a 100-mile-long park located in south-central Utah, with its visitor center 37 miles west of Hanksville on Highway 24. Capitol Reef is home to 241,904 acres of magnificent, high-walled gorges, scenic canyons and a line of multicolored sandstone cliffs.

Bryce Canyon National Park, comprising 35,835 acres, is located in southwestern Utah off Highway 63. This park is a striking assembly of huge, horseshoe-shaped stone “amphitheaters” that offer remarkable views of cliffs, pinnacles and spires known as “hoodoos” because they resemble ghostly hooded figures that change color throughout the day.

Zion National Park, encompassing 146,597 acres in southwestern Utah, is located on State Route 9 in Springdale. The oldest and most visited of Utah’s national parks, Zion is 230 square miles of enormous stone temples, cathedral-like canyons, clear streams, waterfalls and hanging gardens.

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